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Section 508 Compliance

In order to make this web site accessible and valuable to as many citizens as possible, Lafayette Parish Assessor Conrad T. Comeaux has had this web site designed to comply with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, even though not required to do so by law. Usually only Federal agencies or contractors are required to meet this standard.

"Skip Navigation Links"

At the top left of each page on this site, you will see the linked phrase "Skip Navigation Links." This provision provides a method to facilitate the easy tracking of page content that provides users of assistive technology the option to skip repetitive navigation links. If a nondisabled user returns to a web page and knows that he or she wants to view the contents of that particular page instead of selecting a navigation link to go to another page, he or she may simply look past the links and begin reading wherever the desired text is located. For those who use screen readers or other types of assistive technologies, however, it can be a tedious and time-consuming chore to wait for the assistive technology to work through and announce each of the standard navigational links before getting to the intended location. In order to alleviate this problem, the section 508 rule requires that when repetitive navigational links are used, there must be a mechanism for users to skip repetitive navigational links.

On the Lafayette Parish Assessor web site, the "Skip Navigation Links" link is set to allow users of screen readers to quickly skip past all repeated navigation links and move quickly to the unique and particular content of a page.

Alternative pages

On occasion, this site may have a page whose display is enhanced by javascript or other advanced techniques. However, because some computers equipped with screen readers of other assistive devices may not read javascript or otherwise detect and display these features in a manner that is easy for their users to read, clearly marked alternative pages are always provided when javascript or other similar means are used as part of the display. These alternative pages display all of the material found in the original pages.

More information can be found about Section 508 at