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Topics of Note

Where Did My Parish Property Tax Dollars Go in 2016?

2016 tax rate for Lafayette Parish:  84.13 mills within the cities in the parish.  The parish tax rate in outside municipalities was 85.66 mills.  

School Board 39.9%
City-Parish Government
(See detail below)
Sheriff 20.0%
Library 7.1%
Economic Development 2.0%
Airport 1.9%
Assessor 1.7%
Teche-Vermilion 1.7%
Bayou Vermilion 1.1%


Where City of Lafayette Tax Dollars Go


Here is a breakdown of how City-Parish Government tax dollars are split:

General Fund 1.8%
Courthouse & Jail 2.8%
Jail 2.3%
Health Unit 2.2%
Drainage 4.0%
Juvenile Detention 1.4%
Roads & Bridges 5.0%
Mosquito Control 2.1%
Bond Debt 3.3%


Where City of Lafayette Tax Dollars Go


Here is a breakdown of where City of Lafayette property tax dollars go:

Playgrounds & Recreation 10.0%
Streets & Roads 7.3%
General Funds 30.5%
Public Buildings 6.4%
Police & Fire Departments 17.7%
Police Salaries 16.9%
Fire Salaries 11.2%


Where City of Lafayette Tax Dollars Go


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